FAQs about purchasing event photos

Have some questions?

In this section you will find our most commonly asked questions. Click on any of the questions below to find the answer!

Why is there a copyright watermark on all of the photos?

Media theft is really common online, and while we have no doubt that you in particular are an honest, law abiding individual, we need to protect our content so that our work is valued and the people that do pay for images are getting their money worth.

Will the copyright watermark be on the image I purchase?

No. Purchased images are free of watermarks.

If I buy a photo, do I own the copyright?

No. The copyright still belongs to it’s creator, but once you have purchased it, you can use it for all sorts of cool stuff!

If I buy a photo, what can I use it for?

You can share it online, use it for self promotion, a Christmas card, a printed poster to pin up in your gym… get creative!

If I buy a photo, what can not I use it for?

You can’t sell it or use it for commercial purposes. If you want to use it for revenue generation, please contact us for an extended license or to purchase the copyright for an image so that it is yours alone.

If I buy a photo, when will it be available?

Once payment is complete, you can download your purchased images immediately. You can return to this site at any time and download your purchased images again by logging in, going to ‘My Account’ in the top menu and selecting ‘Downloads’.

Is it safe to use my Credit Card on your site?

Yes. Our site is secure and we use Stripe for our credit card gateway.